Consultations are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Consultations with Vidhya Udare can be held in person, on phone, or via HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform.



Note - If the client chooses to get Consultation for BOTH (Functional Nutrition and Homeopathy) with Vidhya Udare, packages will be discussed depending on the health conditions and the chronicity of the case. 

Consultation Packages - 
Packages are tailored/customized, created specifically understanding individual needs. Those suffering for a long time where the body's immune system is impaired to a greater extent require a regular follow up, since healing occurs in phases and gradual improvement is expected in chronic illnesses. The packages will be discussed during or before the initial consultation. Vidhya Udare provides a more personalized holistic approach, understanding what is best for each patient. As the saying goes “No one size fits all”.

Payment –
Clients are responsible for all fees and must be paid in full prior to the service performed. Payment can be made with cash, check, and credit card.  When you schedule an initial visit, we request credit card information on file to hold the appointment for you. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless an appointment is missed or not cancelled without proper notice. On the day of your scheduled appointment, all charges for consultations (Homeopathic and/or Nutritional) will be reviewed with you. 

If appointments (both Initial and Follow up) must be cancelled or rescheduled, notification of the change should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are missed or cancelled late (not with 24 hour’s notice) or not cancelled represent time that was scheduled for the client and will be charged full fee.

Vidhya Udare, does NOT accept any form of insurance and will not be responsible for reimbursement of services from your insurance. It is your responsibility, as a client to check with your insurance company if they cover homeopathic consultation and/or functional nutrition/integrative healthcare consults (some might provide this coverage). All costs for services rendered will be your sole responsibility.

Disclaimer –   The information provided on this website, and by Life Force Nourished, is for Educational and Informational purposes ONLY and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It does not replace the advice or treatment given by a licensed Healthcare provider.  Always consult licensed healthcare physician for professional medical advice with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or emergency. Consult with your physician before making any changes in diet, exercise and supplementation. No statements contained herein have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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